Look after your equipment

In our diving center you can always check and service your equipment. It is very important to service your equipment at least once a year.

We also want to share with you useful advice that will help you to extend life of your equipment.

Servicing of regulators

After a dive, place the regulator in fresh water for an hour. During washing press all the buttons and turn the levers to get rid of the small particles inside. Rinse the first and second steps under the running water to wash away all the particles. In the process of desalination, it is very important that water does not go into the first stage. You can leave the regulator connected to the cylinder or, if this is not possible, close the first stage with a dust cap or your thumb. Before placing the dust cap on to  the first stage wipe it with a towel.

After desalination, dry the regulator, keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place.

It is best to store the regulator in a bag specifically designed for it .

Regulators must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's rules, usually  once a year.

After using BCD it is necessary to soak it and rinse with fresh water. You also you need to rinse the bladder inside. To do this, fill the bcd bladder with water through the inflator about one third, keeping the release button at pressed position. Rinse the compensator with water from the inside, then allow the water to drain completely from the inflator, turning the BCD upside down and pressing the bleed button. Store the BCD  partially inflated. Service the inflator mechanism of the BCD according to the instructions of the manufacturer, as a rule, once a year.