Green Bay 2

18м max depth
Novice diver's level
From shore type of entry
Green Bay 2 is a dive site located next to our famous Green Bay. The first part of the dive is pretty shallow, with a maximum depth of 18 m.
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Green Bay 2 is a dive site located next to our famous Green Bay. Between the divers this dive site often called as ‘The Hole’. The entry to this dive site is a nice simple giant stride from a jetty into water which is around 4metres in depth with a maximum depth of 18 m or walk in from the shore and rocks. There are a couple of swim throughs the first giving divers both vertical and horizontal swim throughs. Once we reach the entrance to the ‘Hole’ we then descend though a crack in the rock into a large cave exiting at 18M. during the descent you can get a free fall felling. During the dive you will be sure to see trumpet fish, soldier fish, groupers and octopus. Spectacular dive site-ideal for all recreational divers. · The Millennium Falcon Our first point of interest is the Millennium Falcon which is sat on top of its launch pad. Passing this, we then make our way over to the first of the swim throughs. The first of several swim throughs starts at around 5 meters and is approximately 8 meters in length. As you enter the swim through, it is common to see bot Squirrel and Hatchet fish both of whom are habitants of the Red Sea. · Approaching The Hole Our approach to The Hole takes us over a ridge at around 7 meters and this is where the sea bed drops away. At this point, you can see the entrance to The Hole which is on a ‘half-moon’ shape seabed rock. The approach to The Hole begins at a depth of around 10 meters and drops down to a depth of around 17 meters.