Rescue diver

Instructors study diver such an important aspect as the prevention of accidents at this course. Study turns into entertaining process as force students to think about "how to make our diving much safer" not only for us but also for other people.
The course makes students think about how to make diving safer not only for themselves but also for others. Instructors teach a diver in the first place such an important aspect of diving as prevention of accidents.

You will learn how to act in extreme situations, how to respond adequately to the behaviour of the diver, deal with problems, assist the diver and provide first aid if necessary.

Divers may participate in classes from 15 years of age and older. The program includes managing stress, provision of first aid/secondary care, assisting panicking diver on the surface and under the water, making a plan of action in the event of loss of a diver, bringing unconscious diver to the surface, calling for help and exiting the water. The course is providing the student with realistic scenarios and teaching to think and act in case of emergency.

The cost of teaching materials, certificate and rental equipment is included in the price.